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Friday morning early start

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Up since 0510, ironing infront of Wildlife SOS in my nightie.


Good Morning!

Head full of HLTA shizzle and wondering when it was exactly that Bman & I crossed that threshold of happily being able to spoon up in a single bed & putting ourselves out to avoid hurting the others feelings, to a mood of irrational irritation with everything each other says or does?


Awaiting the arrival of the man like DTR this evening.  Rumours that he will be tunnelling in under the garden fence with a backpack of booze and a bogus wristband are unsubstantiated.

Can’t wait to hear all about the Hot Tub he is building in his yard – I’m holding out for it to also have a time travel mode.  

Bagsy calling dibs on 1993!



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Not loathed by totally everyone so that's good right?

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  1. OMG WordPress is making me moderate my own comment – FFS!

  2. However the rumours that DTR will be in full drag with heels & still in Northampton taking photos of his mate’s bollocks in the pub are all absolutely true!
    Blown out by man-pals AGAIN!


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