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Letting rip on Guy Fawkes Night

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I have to say, on our hypothetical list of potential deviant light entertainment personalities drawn up in the pub over a few wines the other weekend (

I’ll be honest… Rigsby didn’t leap to mind!

This brings an entirely different meaning to the phrase ‘Rising Damp’.

Insert own caption here


Glad bonfire night is over with.  It seemed to drag on a bit this year. 

Bman tried to relive those halcyon days of backyard firework displays; where your dad made you stand on the step in sub-zero temperatures while he ran back and forth to the shed with a lighter and a torch while you watched a Catherine wheel spin on the fence for all of 10 seconds.  I spent many a bonfire night in my youth, wowling into my toffee apple with fear. 

Between Bman and ‘Thing2’ we did did a fine job of re-creating exactly those days.

Good family times.  🙂

Stop, Drop & Roll Daddio!

When that was all over I was just admiring how Pepper seemed completely unfazed by the whole thing as she sat with me as I played Scrabble on the PC.

Aren’t I cute & fluffy

Double letter score there mate

what’s that noise?








 I took these pics seconds before a huge rocket went off outside the window and she shot into my lap.  As I comforted her, another one went off and she lost control, farted – and squirted shit up my arm!


Suddenly, not that cute after all!


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