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When Jimmy met the Dia de los Muertos

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I laid awake for hours Friday night after being woken up by my youngest who wanted a cuddle and then being too hot and my brain overworking & keeping me from the arms of Morpheus.

Wasn’t truly in the mood for our Dia de los Muertos party Saturday after that, but by the time I got face painted up and laced into my corset **breathe in** and my mate from Chester arrived.  I was all good and raring to go.  (Not that raring to go that I was ever going to think that starting on Bman’s homemade cocktail “Brew Brew’s Sexy Ju Ju Juice” was ever going to ge a good idea!).  Black vodka, cranberry juice and some cacti liqueur a friend brought back from Cyprus 6 months ago – step away from the punch bowl my friend, that shit will take you down – Which, aforementioned pal from Chester can testify to (as can the cleaning staff at the Travelodge up the road) 

Nothing sexy about that second time around, let me tell you!


The fancy dress remit was Mexican Sugar Skull/Day of the Dead or just regular Halloween costumes if feeling unadventurous.

You can always rely on someone to raise the bar though (and also be a little topical & ever so slightly…. wrong!)

Now then, who are you supposed to be?

What was rather disturbing was how the children flocked to him, calling him by “name” and chanting things like, “Abuse abuse” and “You’re a dirty man”.

I tell you, it’s all John Craven’s Newsround’s fault.


I did feel a tad self-conscious in my corset & felt like an extra in a Russ Meyer movie.  That is, until my other mate arrived who is way more stacked in the rack department.  All eyes suddenly turned on her instead.  I can’t think why!

Yup. Yours sure are bigger than mine

Checking out the next couple of photos it’s probably just as well I steered clear of the Ju Ju juice or goodness knows what I might have been doing around my kitchen – I wasn’t even drunk!


Bman is in there somewhere

Plus, of course, any excuse after dark for Bman to get his lasers & fog machine out.


Even the cat loves a good lightshow

My personal fave

I think I should have a some kind of backpack laser show attachments on me at all times so I can achieve this effect all day every day.  I’d never get tired of it.

Then it was time for bed.  Party all over by 2am but a good time had by all and nobody was (too) hungover the next morning.

And just for Cousin Fred, here is a picture of some boobs (rather than any pictures of him looking very tired or actually asleep amidst the fog & lasers).


Until next time peeps Xx


cartoon nicked from someone on Facebook


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