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I’m a celebrity (please don’t arrest me for being a sex pest)

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I am wondering if in the 2012 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, the following phrases might appear:-  

‘Flannagan’:  (Vb):  e.g. to fail on an epic scale whilst continually bleating about having given it 100%. 

and,   ‘Savile Police’  – It conjures up quite the picture in my vivid imagination let me tell you. 

I tried to google a picture of Jimmy in a police helmet. Or Policemen with cigars, wearing tracksuits, but found nothing.  Just pages and pages of frankly terrifying pictures of the man.  I was spoiled for choice, so I am going with this Silence of the Lambs/Jame Gum/“It puts the lotion in the basket” pose.

The witch-hunt of  1980’s celebs continues.  Even Elmo hasn’t escaped!  It’s only a matter of time before Barney the Dinosaur’s trademark anthem of, “I love you. You love me” reveals more sinister connotations.  How far will it spread?  I fear for trouserless Rastamouse and the slightly camp PC Plum.

This story today on the old Information Superhighway doesn’t exactly come as a revelation however.   This one was deffo on the list!

“There’s somebody at the door.  There’s somebody at the door”  – Yes it’s the Old Bill Rod my friend.   You’re under arrest! 

Watch out girls!

(I realise he is dead before anyone corrects me).

 Children in Need on Friday!   I almost pledged £100 for Terry Wogan (who looked about 97 years old this year) to NOT attempt to do Gangnam Style again EVER.  And WTF does that Irish chick from Girls Aloud sound like now she’s been living in America?  OMG! I thought my accent was a mish mash.  I also almost pledged money just so she would stop talking!


In other news.  I thought I had lost my baby today. 

Youngest offspring went out roller skating and vanished from the street.  Cue Bman & myself  out and about,  calling her, whilst feeling sick and imagining the worst.

She was at her mate’s house down the street and had asked her mum to let me know, but she’d forgotten.   She hadn’t even been there that long, bless her,  but oh my word I almost had a heart attack!

Heart racing times!


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