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Well, we sang (and nobody died) – Result!

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Nothing says “Merry Christmas” and fills one with festive cheer more than rushing up the street in the pissing rain for an unscheduled trip on public transport with 25 children, to go and sing Christmas songs to the elderly.

Actually, even if my novelty Christmas jumper, à la Mr Poppy, from the film ‘Nativity 2’ doesn’t raise a jolly holly smile, then surely the sight of half a dozen kids almost spit out their post-recital orange squash when one of the Olds decided to do her ‘party piece’ and unscrew her prosthetic arm and wave it about,  then frankly… you must be clinically dead!

I swear, you couldn’t make it up!

To be fair, if I had a false limb and the mischievous nature of most of the elderly people I know, then I’d be popping that MoFo out at every opportunity just to try and get a reaction.  I suppose we should be grateful it was just her arm…



I guess some people should be grateful that when I was out shopping for my embarrassing, ironic novelty Christmas jumper, that I didn’t happen upon this beauty of a cardigan I just spotted on google images.

"It's noice, it's unusual"

“It’s noice, it’s unusual”

Flamingos AND a Christmas theme!   You’re talking my language.  Get the fairisle leggings on and the wolf hat and I’d be rocking that ensemble!

Oh Yeah!


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