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Ho? No Ho?

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Movie Quote of the Day:  “I had a lot of help from Jack Daniels” – Christmas Vacation

Name that Tune:   “The Christmas we get, we deserve” – I believe in Father Christmas, Greg Lake

Why am I seemingly the only person alive, or at the very least, the only one in the social and working circles I move in, who is not feeling festive?

I see the decorations.  I hear the tinkling chime of my newly installed (in an attempt to get in the mood) festive ringtone.  The compulsory tin of Quality Street and boxes of Mincies are in the cupboard. 

I even made my own cake this year yet I feel nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  I’m no Grinch.    I just seem to have lost that loving Christmas feeling.



Yeah I have a novelty Christmas sweater with a reindeer on it.  All the more ironic because I ‘hate’ Christmas apparently.  (I don’t BTW – I just  hate the way it starts in August and segues neatly straight into Easter some time around January 5th.)

I don’t even ‘hate’ tinsel. (I just feel there is no place for it on my Christmas tree.)  Ditto Tartan bows, which I feel only have a place on a small child’s party dress.

I do hate the spiralling debt that seems to run hand in glove with the festive season and the spirit of good will to all men.  (By ‘all men’, I mean the people at Mastercard and the bank who are the only winners here.)

I’m trying… Honest.  I’ve eaten 2 chocolate oranges (which were meant as stocking fillers for the childerbeast). I’ve taken the childerbeast to see ‘Nativity 2’. I even put the fairy lights on the lounge window this evening.  Maybe I will be consumed with the joy of the season tomorrow when we put up the tree and watch ‘Elf’ (it is a classic).

My kids love it when I ride escalators 'Elf style'

My kids love it when I ride escalators ‘Elf style’

Perhaps I peaked too high as a child and my seasonal serotonin levels can no longer be kept at the level required for festive feelings to kick in.

Maybe I just need more booze?  Pass the Tia Maria please, this princess of darkness needs a hit over here!

"Shitter's full!"

“Shitter’s full!”


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