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Laziness disguised as altrusim

Laziness disguised as altruism

Yes, it’s that time of year again… and for the 3rd year running (or is it 4th?) The Brewers (by which I mean I) have decided to opt out of the Christmas card exchange shizzle.   I have literally written 4 cards – to elderly neighbours & relatives who don’t have email or social networking accounts.

Instead we are using The Good Gift Company to donate to charity.  Or, as Bman puts it “To line Mugabe’s pockets and pay for his petrol bill”. 

I prefer to think that my money does actually go where it is meant to.  So, in a manner befitting my glib and non-committal feelings on this holiest of seasons and in the spirit of this card I saw in a store in Manchester:-


… I have decided this year to buy this in lieu of sending cards:- The gift that keeps on giving…. 

(It’s almost exactly like Clark Griswold’s subscription to the jelly of the month club)


… also some chickens for an African war widow (or something)…. which I hope look like this one:-



Thanks for your co-operation and understanding in this matter 




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