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Movie Quotes:   “We all gotta go sometime bro” – Boys in the Hood

Name that Tune:  “Why is it that there’s a gun shop on almost every corner?” – Black on Black, Stanley Clarke

If you thought I might be banging on today about American Gun Laws, then I will have to disappoint you.  I can’t even look at the news anymore.  Too sad for words (and there but for the grace of something or other, go I!)


I will try and lighten the mood instead.

I attended a sports event at a local High School yesterday and was asked to help the Sports Leaders there by writing out the name of the participating  children on some certificates they had prepared.

I have to tell you… I started to come out in hives instantly and could only complete the missing names if I covered up the wording above.

I showed one I’d brought one home to my childerbeast.  My 7 year old read it and exclaimed, “You are child ?” then started laughing!



Way to go English Department. 

I blame over-reliance on spellcheck.  (Watch me have shitloads of typos in this now!)

On return to school just before 3pm,  trying to safely extricate 17 children from the minibus in the staff car park, it all went a bit ‘Boys in da Hood’ when a small vehicle stinking of weed and  full of surly looking Asian dudes cruised into the car park, oblivious of me and my small charges and proceeded to try to reverse park onto a vacant spot next to the HeadTeacher’s car.  If the car had started to play NWA & bounce, LoLo style I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Ofsted Inspectors, my friend, they were not!

There was a few moments staring stand-off between them and myself & the High School PE dude who was driving the bus, more akin to Crenshaw Boulevard than a small estate near Pudsey, before they changed their minds and drove out of the car park and parked up on the street.

This would have been a parent coming to collect their child!

Young and fertile minds in the hands of wannabe gangsters and dickheads.  Brilliant!    (I bet they can’t spell either)

Keep driving pal!

Keep driving pal!


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