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Last day of rest and I’m leaping about & getting the life sucked out of me

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So you think I’m being paranoid about the whole cat thing and it trying to kill me by stealing my soul by sucking out my breath as I sleep?

I lay down for a moment to catch my breath (after deciding that I am too old now to do this Wake & Shake shit, after almost having a seizure to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ in the kid’s room).

Then this is what happened… within seconds she took advantage of my panting, prone state and leapt aboard my collarbone…

Kill Kill Kill

Kill Kill Kill


Also, on a completely unrelated note.  Is this a contender for submission to one of those Awkward Family Gathering photo websites or what?

Once there were 3 different shaped heads

Once there were 3 different shaped heads

Lol Lol Lol indeed….

Christ on a bike!

I think I might get it printed out and framed… if only to keep cold callers away from the door and to deter potential burglars.


Old Skool CITV kids shows on all day this weekend by the way, for all your Dangermouse, Fraggle Rock and Children’s Ward related requirements.

FYI that’ll be on C I T V then…. just in case you were wondering (dude) HaHaHa.


Back to the grindstone tomorrow, by which I mean, attempting to educate, control and impart elocution, grammar and good manners to the natives.

TBH I’m considering throwing myself down the stairs before the end of the day to get another 4 months off as an avoidance tactic.  (Watch me go and fall over now and break a leg and nobody will believe it was an accident).

Ciao for now dudes.



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