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That was the week that was (shit)

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First week back into the realm of the working man has been…well… shit, to put it mildly!  It was ugly and unpleasant and I don’t want to go there ever again.

With the help of our friend Gil Elvgren let us focus solely on fluffy kittens and cute puppies instead and forget it ever happened.




Favourite news stories from this week include these 3:-

Loo with a View  and I thought the view across Liverpool from the bathroom window of the Adelphi Hotel was rather pleasant as I took a shit one Sunday morning one June… but this view just about trumps it (as it were).


What can I say? Apart from how the hell is this dude an MP? He looks about 18!


Dem bones dem bones

As if Whitby doesn’t attract enough goths, faux vampires & emos at the best of times without the possibility of a photo opp with exposed human skeletons!

Watch out for those bones in your Fortunes Kippers aswell, they may be on the large side this year –  “Hello! isn’t this a femur?”


FYI on a school trip when I was about 6 years old we had our lunch in this very graveyard.  My mum had bought me a cream donut especially and when I came to eat it out of my ‘Holly Hobbie’ lunchbox (with roughneck flask), it was nowhere to be seen.  I searched all around, convinced it had been stolen, until a classmate pointed out, gleefully, that it was squashed flat and stuck to the seat of my cords! 

 You heard me…. cords!  (Don’t judge me!  I was a child in 1977!)


Ciao for now dudes  Xx

Pictures courtesy of Google Images

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