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Look at me! I’m a dickhead!

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Movie quote of the day:  “You are an embarassment to nature, do you know that?” – Ice Age


Been feeling a tad decrepit this week.

I blame a combination of attempting to choreograph a workout routine to ‘Party Rock Anthem’; the cold weather, the sudden onset DVT/leg leukemia/aids  I have been suffering from of late and the possible onset of the manfluenza lurgy that has incapacitated the Bman for the last 3 weeks.  (I feel a Lemsip coming on).   

However I’m glad to note that my Mum-reflexes & sixth sense for danger haven’t slowed down.  As demonstrated this afternoon with 4 children in tow, when some bellend thought it sensible to fly round the corner of the street in his chavmobile, spoiler akimbo, back-end skidding all over the road as he cornered at about 50mph on an icy road in the snow. (Yes we have some but it’s not 10cm as promised).

I snatched the children away from the kerb & got them behind me instinctively (as you do)  while giving him the stink-eye as he ploughed past us with a smug look on his face. 

I wish he’d crashed. Then I could have pulled him from the car and really showed him how cool it is to be seen by whoever it was he was trying to impress, getting the living shit bawled out of you by a crazy woman as she beats you about the head with a jute bag full of lever arch files!


“What’s he driving like that for?” asked the smallfry

“Because he’s a mahoosive tit and a cock!”  I retorted.  (cue, much giggling)

“But don’t tell your Mum I said such a thing!”  (as an aside to the other 2!)


It’s knobs like him who sail though life irregardless.  It really makes me go Grrrrr!



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