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Have camera – not far to travel….

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I’ve been ill with snot, coughs & sneezing lurgy the last two days.

Back to work today, although still not running on full power.  Snow on the ground not helping matters.   An amusing project could be just the ticket, so when I saw this gem in ‘The Squeaker’ (the local newsletter) this evening, I immediately saw the comedy potential and my creative juices were stirred anew:-

I'm all over this project!

I’m all over this project!

I’m picturing something that wouldn’t look out-of-place in The Caravan Gallery 

Photo opportunities are abundant in The Hood.

I’ve already earmarked that lame piece of graffiti down the alley by the shop that says “BUMS”; the mattress which has been out front of my neighbours’ house like a garden ornament since they moved in months ago and of course… a horse & cart laden with scrap metal (although they are fewer and further between these days, since it became illegal to pay cash in hand).  Maybe even the makeshift snow latrine the cats have adopted right next to the childerbeast’s half-built snowman in the back yard (for that personal touch). 

Watch out for that ‘cigar’ kids!


I’m being observed tomorrow afternoon by the Head as I deliver a Year 6 French lesson…. I fear the worst  :-/

Early to bed I reckon. Although ‘Celebrity Bake-Off’ is on at 8pm so I have to watch that –  cake baking and dwarves – what’s not to like?

Oooh I saw a TV show the other night about young ‘uns on a night out in Leeds & Huddersfield, but that’s a write-up for another time… bejesus!  If that wasn’t the next ‘Just Say No’ campaign then I don’t know what is!



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  1. £5 says my entry will not make the final cut! 🙂


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