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Neigh neigh & thrice neigh

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WARNING:   This post contains a picture of Mick Hucknall


I appreciate that I’m behind by a week but I’ve been busy, double busy in fact, being assessed to see if I’m capable & qualified to do a job I’m already doing (and that).   And of course it snowed in the UK which naturally means that the entire country, the working day and general  ability to function comes to a complete standstill for 2 days while half the population stayed in bed watching Jeremy Kyle and eating custard creams to keep warm & the other half went out to panic buy bread and milk (& tinned peaches)!

So… I haven’t really commented on the old horsemeat in the burgers farrago, but there were some corking jokes flying round the social networks. 

This was my favourite picture I think.

This one's my favourite

This one’s my favourite

There was also something along the lines of,  “Horse-meat in Iceland? What about all the camel-toes spotted in Primark?” which I also found amusing.


Other recent news stories worthy of a share were these:-

Only in Norfolk! 


You go for his knees & I’ll sit on his head!

Loony Tunes


Snowball effect indeed!

and for my pregnant friends:-

Ginger gene testing

Although let’s not be hasty or scathing.  Red can be very glam, like my beautiful girlfriends  Wiggy and Borobird who wear it big & red and wear it with pride!


All Hail the Jinna

All Hail the Jinna

.. but sometimes… not so much!

Good voice but still a cock!

Good voice but still a cock!


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