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A rose by any other name. Yada yada yada

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Name that Tune:  “If I call you sugar, if you call me honey, does this mean you’ve got a hand in my fate?” – Sunshine’s Better – John Martyn

Movie Quote of the Day:  “The dude abides!” – The Big Lebowski


Discussion the other evening about the use of different terms of endearment & affection. 

The smallest of the smallfry kept using the term “love” in a faux cockney accent, so the Bman was asking where this had come from.

“Mum!” was the answer.

He protested that I don’t use the word “love”.

“I do” says I.  “It’s a term of endearment I use at work with the kids”  

Last year’s Y6’s latched onto it and it became a bit of a standing joke (along withWhat?”, in mock exasperation).

Surely I am not the only one who uses different words or speaks in a different way according to the situation or the company? 

There is a scale, I think, of terms of endearment which is wholly personal. 

I was never one of those people who say things like “Chuck” “Duck” or “Love”.  The “Love” is a fairly recent thing (which is mainly used for children and the elderly).  Whereas; “Sweets”,“Doll” & “Babe” are for girlfriends.  Then there is “Honey” at home for the Bman, along with deriviatives therein: – Honeybun”, “lizardlips”, “peanuthead”, “penciltits”“numbnuts” and the all-encompassing, “Brew” (which can mean a multitude of things, dependent on how it is said.)

     Then there are personalised pet names for ones own childerbeast:- “Bear”, “Cookiepie”, “Ralphie”, “Hairbearator” “Robobear”, “Roo”, “Duloidhead”, “buttonbrain” etc. 
    Not forgetting generic childerbeast affectionate terms like, “Poppet”, “flower”, “chicken”, “sweetheart” & “lambkin” etc. which can be interchanged from ones own offspring to that of your friends.

For immediate family and close friends there is, of course, “Dude”!




The cats alone must have a dozen different names:- “G-Meister” “Jeedleboom”, “GeeGeeMcGee”, “Gollymatronicus”, “Jeekers”, “furbrain”, “FuManChu”, “furryfool” & “Stupid” to name but a few.

"Dude"       "Sweet"

“Dude”        “Sweet”

 Although if the scientists have got their calculations wrong when this bad boy does a fly-by in 2 weeks time –  Tinned Peach Alert It won’t matter if you’re a Dude, a Hun, a Doll or if you’re lucky enough to be a Sugar

                                                                                                           …We’ll all be fucked!




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