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Turns out I don’t know everything after all

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So Saturday night Gene Genie & I, over a few wines, were slating the upcoming Monday night C4 programme all about the supposed remains of Richard III found beneath a Leicester car park. 

nicked this from FB

nicked this from FB

Our condescending, scathing conversation went a bit like this:-

“As if it’s gonna be him?”

“Yeah I know.  As if we wouldn’t have heard about it by now on the Beeb or the Web”

**laughing and clutching breakfast bar before taking another slug of wine**

“Yeah hahaha as if they announce a massive historical event like that on a Monday night on channel bloody 4”

“Poo! It’s probably just some tramp or runaway or something – poor bastard”




Monday morning, saw both of us wiping copious amount of egg from our faces…

Now is the Winter of our discontent (or uncontent, or anticonent)

Still thought the TV programme about it was a load of sentimental tosh though.  Couldn’t take it seriously, as it was presented by the dude from ‘Horrible Histories’ who plays my favourite character – ‘Stupid Death’.

Hope next time it's not you!

Hope next time it’s not you!

Turns out there’s a lot of it about.    

It’s not though is it.?    

 If this skeleton is conveniently clutching a tray of burnt cakes I shall  demand a stewards inquiry!

It’s all very exciting but these better not turn out to be another Piltdown Man or the bloody Hitler Diaries.


Speaking of embarrassments… pity there wasn’t a Standard in my recent HLTA Assessment that covered ‘maintaining a poker face in an awkward situation.  I am pretty sure I would have aced that today when having to deal with a child who  asked me to speak to another child;

  “Because he keeps teabagging me & I don’t like it”



TTFN !  Xx






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