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TBH I’m quite partial to peanuts

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So I looked ont’ Tintertube to try to gauge what the difference was between a Level 1 Teaching Assistant and a Level 2 or 3,  particularly with regard to pay scale. 
    It would seem that, generally speaking, everyone else out there is also slagging one another off  and belittling each other’s achievements, as this thread from the TES website shows. Fight Fight Fight!

Nursery Nurses Vs TAs

Nursery Nurses Vs TAs


There’s a lot of it about!

My opinion is that if you can hold your own in front of a class of cocky kids; you can spell and know the difference between the following: –

Where, wear, we’re and were; there, their, they’re and your and you’re and specific and pacific…

then you’re half way to being considered* able to be let loose to help teach (not learn) primary school children, regardless of previous qualification or qualifications gained in the job.

Let’s just do our jobs people!  We knew when we took up this vocation that it wasn’t ever going to earn us our fortune.  Let’s be grateful that we’re in employment at all in these troubled times and get on with it shall we… Please.   
       Just because we get paid little more than peanuts does not mean we’re all monkeys, so let’s not turn this shit into a chimp’s tea-party!

[For the record:- Table manners, general politeness, toilet training and rudimentary speech should be taught at home though.  Fact!]


* how much was I chuckling at myself when I re-read this and saw that I had mistyped and written ‘consered’ by mistake the first time?

** Please feel free to point out any other glaring errors… I can take it!

***then I re-read it again once I’d sent to publish and saw that I had mistyped ‘point’ as ‘ponit’ – FFS!       Proofreading is hard dudes.  Just ask some of the people who posted in anger on that TES forum!  Their little fingers clacking across the keys and hitting ENTER just a tad too emphatically before they had done a spellcheck.

****any further typos, spelling errors or grammatical gaffes spotted by your good selves on this post now are purely for ironic effect… honest





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