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… and DTR can build me a Popemobile

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Name that Tune:   “It was a teenage wedding & the old folks wished them well” – You never can tell – Chuck Berry

Movie Quote of the Day:  “I’m not a dwarf – I’m a girl!” – The Lion the Witch & The Wardrobe

Last week’s prize photo was this one (which explains the last post about me pondering what it would be like to be a dwarf).

[I know someone who would get no work done at all and spend the day instead asking me to retrieve things from tall cupboards or run up and down the corridor to fetch things.]

Wee me

Wee me

This week though, it’s only Tuesday and I doubt much will top this picture (thank you Gene Genie for your photoshopping genius):-

Bless you my people

Bless you my people

I’m not going to let a mere trifling detail such as being neither Catholic, a man or indeed a believer in God put me off from applying for Rome’s latest vacancy.

Apparently the papal candidates get borne aloft on a sedan chair while their underparts are inspected for sexing and then when everyone is satisfied we all sit in a locked room with a whole lot of different coloured smoke…

                                             … sounds like a crackin’ party to me… Where do I sign?



Quote of the week TVwise is already in the bag:- 

“He might be an eejit” 

Prophetic words of wisdom indeed from a 9 year old traveller girl on “My Big Fat Gypsy ‘Valumtine'” last night, where a teenager floated down the aisle in a frock made from glittery anaglypta, having first negotiated the corridors of a Travelodge in Staines.  Only to have her dreams of marital harmony shattered by the fact that her beloved didn’t end up going to jail after all.  Never mind love.  I guarantee you that he is in fact an ‘eejit’ and will, in all probability, end up back in Court before too long and your hopes of marital bliss (i.e. him not being there) will come to pass after all.

Ciao Tutti  (see I’m already halfway there with the lingo)




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