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Dumb blonde spacka alert

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Officially sailing into the waters of dementia this week.

On Sunday I tidied the remote controls away into the childerbeast’s box of Lego and stashed it away under their bed.  It was half an hour before I realised and was able to change the channel or set anything to record on the digibox of magic and witchcraft.

Tuesday was ‘James and the Giant Peach’ at Bradford Alhambra at 7:00pm NOT at Bradford St Georges Hall at 7:30pm, which is what I had it as in my own head.


Fortunately we didn’t miss too much of it.  The peach hadn’t begun to grow & my kids knew the tale well enough to fill in the blanks.  I think their friend, who’d come with us, was thoroughly bemused though, particularly as she thought we were going to watch Jack & The Beanstalk!

Then today I spent 15 minutes searching the classroom for the glasses I swore I had just taken off while I powdered my face and could now no longer find.
I had to go and ask my childerbeast if they remembered if I’d actually had them on when we set off.  One thought not.  The other wasn’t sure.

Lack of spectacles was an issue due to my being the one teaching in the afternoon.  I feared that the young learners would sense I was lacking in one of my faculties, which might cause them to act up more than usual, specifically beyond the realms of my peripheral vision.  Luckily my hearing kicked in to compensate the lack of focus so it was all okay in the end.

Meanwhile I got home to find my missing glasses on top of the loo cistern in the bathroom… where I had left them that morning…




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