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What’s your Kryptonite? Mine is sugar.

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Name that Tune:   “She might have tasted good but man she was my Kryptonite” – Won’t go Quietly, Example

Movie Quote of the Day:  “Tool up, honey bunny. It’s time to get bad guys.” – Kick Ass

Superhero party for a friend’s leaving do last Friday.  I was feeling tight-fisted so I decided to construct my own costume and invent a superhero. 
      I went in the end (after various suggestions from friends) as
The Pink Flamingo!

The costume consisted of:- a no expense spared Primani vest, which I had to buy twice (don’t ask!)  a borrowed wig and a sequined masquerade mask, which was meant to be feathered (again… don’t ask), black leggings and my ‘pirate boots’.

I did toy with the idea of a utility belt as I had seen a pink tool belt online but I doubted it would ever get used again, so couldn’t justify the expense.  With it being pink I couldn’t even have put it to use in a roleplay situation with the Bman – I’ve always had a bit of a thing for the old workman’s toolbelt (as it were…)

My superpowers were debatable and sadly lacking,  but possibly included being able to make a bottle of Temperanillo disappear without trace; the power to pisstake without mercy and the effortless ability to look like a fat fuck in a vest!  

I doubt my invitation to the join the Justice League of America will be arriving any time soon.

Magically, the photos already appearing on FaceSpaceTwitbook only appear to show me partaking of a dare involving a drinking game and none of me looking sophisticated, cerebral or ladylike while savouring my wine and making the bottle last all night (rather than 15 minutes) as I discussed the topical news of the day and world politics. 

Oh noo0!  Here I am downing a half pint of ‘Hulk’ and dribbling most of it down my chin.


263  262   264


I left about the time when the magic words Hey let’s go up to the Club were uttered.  Not enough beer in Booberspiderwoman’s shed, or indeed The World would be enough to convince me that was a good idea at 1am to gatecrash the party of somebody we vaguely knew’s Grandad!

So The Pink Flamingo got home at fairly reasonable hour and lived to fly (or stand on one leg) another day.  Do flamingos fly?  (Yes, they do.  I wasn’t sure so I just googled it.)  I also felt okay, no hangover and the only regret I had was that fucking tight and unforgiving vest. 

Not bad really… considering.

Atomic Kitten had gone right downhill since having kids

Atomic Kitten had gone right downhill since having kids




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