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Friday fright night

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Most off-putting thing of the week has to be, mistakenly booking a captioned performance of the The Woman in Black.

Fab seats (Well done me – You’re welcome) but having flourescent orange words appear, stage left and right for the hearing impaired, somewhat took the edge off if I’m honest.

Whilst I appreciate that our hard of hearing friends should also be able to be included in the magic of theatre.  Next time I will pay more attention to these things and not book for a night when the captions are on. 

The suspense of a  pitch black stage, lit only be a hand-held candle, illuminating a solitary locked door, as the protagonist creeps stealthily toward it, was rather spoiled for me by the sudden bright orange lettering spelling out:


      milliseconds before the actual loud knocking began.

As my slightly Aspergic friend remarked rather loudly in the bar during the interval:-

“Fecking Deafies should stay at home… and the *elves”

to which I Shhh’d her to avoid being embarrassed in the crowd –

“No need to Shhh me babe. They can’t fucking hear me can they?”

It was a fair, albeit unsympathetic, point.


Despite that, this was the 3rd time I have seen this show and I loved it again.  It is very well done with only 2 actors on the stage. If only for the audience reactions and on this occasion for my other friend asking in hushed tone. “When do they start singing?”




* said friend had earlier misread the sign which read “captioning gives deaf, partially deaf and hard of hearing people the chance to enjoy the performance” as “Captioning elves…..”

Specsavers anyone?

Elves... with a caption

Elves… with a caption


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