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They came. They Saw. (Let’s hope we conquered)

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Nothing will balls up your mid-week better than hearing that OFSTED are coming the following morning & that you are teaching Year 6 French & PSHCE!

Code word “Donkey in the car park” and Operation Don’t Panic were in full effect.  Cue much frantic photocopying and just a tiny bit more effort than usual being put into the lesson plan.

I won’t lie to you.   I didn’t sleep well Wednesday night, but I was fired up and ready to face the final curtain on Thursday afternoon.  Delivered a great lesson with kids all on task and shit hot on recalling least weeks stuff.  Some actual Year 6 level French and some fab Speaking & Listening, so where the hell were either of the OFSTED inspectors?    Nowhere near my classroom that’s where!


I should imagine rather a lot of wine may have been consumed over the weekend as the faculty relaxed with relief.  Also possibly to keep warm until the heating kicked in, what with yet another heavy fall of snow this weekend! 

Hello!  First day of Spring last week but nobody told the weather…

Elf times  with the snowballer

Elf times with the snowballer

This time next week I will be celebrating Easter at my folks & I hope it’s a damn sight warmer that it is today.



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