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Can everyone please stop talking & shut the hell up please

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Bit parky out!

Bit parky out!

I won’t lie to you.  It’s cold out!


Scored an extra day of the weekend thanks to 5ft snowdrifts blocking the fire exits at school meaning it was closed today!



Rather than volunteering to help to shovel the snow away, I chose to shovel money into the profits at WM Morrison with Husband and Childerbeast in tow, having first had a brief flirt round B&M.  Saw this quality item of naffness on the shelves & cringed to myself, thinking “what kind of person buys this shit?”



Imagine then, my face when Bman rocked up at the till with it in his sticky mitts, looking pleased with himself!



It is now in pride of place atop the spare coat wardrobe in the office… well out of my line of vision.

I spent 10 minutes looking at hair colourants in Morries; eventually chose one and then abandoned it at the till.  41 years old and I’ve finally realised that there’s little point altering the colour of my crappy barnet a shade or two. I’m still me at the end of the day.  Still got moles, lumps, rosacea of the cheeks and a propensity toward the morose about the personality.  I’ve not bought a killer heel in years (nowhere to wear them) and have even caught myself looking at novelty onesies, thinking “Hmmm, but they do look so warm” 

Time to forget trying to be someone I’m not & just accept myself for what I amI am not a 1950’s pin up artist’s muse.  I’m a frazzled, lazyass hausfrau & wannabe Miss Jean Brodie who’s happier in her PJ’s, watching TV & supping tea, than strutting about round town.

… and you know what?

… I’m okay with that!


(BTW I was rocking the onesie as loungewear way back in ’92 –  20 years ago dahhhling).





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