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Don’t panic I haven’t put in a bid… yet

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I should be marking 28 Easter Story work booklets right now but…
   (a) I know how it ends – crucifixion/’death’/3 hookers find the stone rolled  away… yadayadyada.
   (b) I got distracted by the Internet (again). This time looking for taxidermied wildlife on ebay (blame The Bloggess and the Bman*
   (c) I just heard Bman shutting the hall door downstairs which means he is making himself something to eat and doesn’t want me to hear the breadbin rattling or the fridge door opening.  Except I have heard and now I am torn between going downstairs to laugh at him and/or ask him to make me a snack too.


* TheBloggess – latest post and Bman’s latest purchase which apparently is “better than an Elvis mirror” (I beg to differ my friend)


I have decided to see his Scarface picture and he can “Say hello to my little friend” (did you see what I did there?) as I raise him this little beaut:-

The shit you find on ebay never ceases to astonish!

The old Elvis mirror’s looking pretty classy now eh? 

Though of course what we really need here is the elusive Pope Jean Paul kitchen clock with the moving arms, waving his benediction by the hour. 
My sister saw one in Rome but didn’t buy it (foolish woman!) and I spent far too long, on my honeymoon  in 2002, scouring every nick-nack and crap Emporium of Vatican City & beyond searching for one.  Sadly we came away with nothing more exciting then a fridge magnet & some blue farfelle pasta in a jar (which we still have FYI – do not eat it kids!  That shit’ll kill you for sure). 
  Maybe she made it up just to trick me into spending fruitless years trying to track it down.. like the Holy Grail of utter Tat!


Right… about that little snack…


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