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It’s a new day and I’m feline fine (groan)

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No black dogs yesterday…
Just lots of black and white cats (and tabby cats, and ginger cats, old cats, lithe cats, grizzled cats, fat cats, magical cats and curious cats.)

   All to be seen singing and dancing and getting all up in my face (3 rows from the front)  at Manchester Opera House with the childerbeast!


Booked these tickets months ago so we were going to see it regardless of how much of the irrits the childerbeast have given me so far these holidays.  In fairness, they were impeccably behaved and, even better, loved the show (as I’d hoped they would). 

As if that wasn’t enough to put a smile on my face – best overheard conversation from the North Mancunians sat behind me, as they looked through their programme:-

   “Hey look it says that Andrew Lloyd Weber fella’s in this!”



Almost babbed myself when pointing out to Thing 1 that the Cats might be coming out from anywhere in the theatre.  I turned to look to my left and there was one right in my face grinning at me with green LED eyes!  Later on, one came back and rifled through my bag.  The childerbeast were sat beside me with facial expressions that said:-

“OMG don’t touch me… or worse… please don’t let Mum get up and join in!”

I loved it too, just as much as the first time,  18 years ago when  I saw it on Broadway with my Pop & sibs. (18 years!  Where has that time gone??)

So, a succesful Mother/Daughters day out, which included tea at Hard Rock Cafe in the Printworks where in the battle between Mum vs food…

Eat it or climb it?

Eat it or climb it?

…the Nachos won. 

I knew they would but didn’t care. They were huge and they were mine.
I won’t lie to you though, those massive jalapenos were even more lively second time around after my morning ablutions today.

Zingy ring times!

Didn’t get back to Sadford until almost 9pm, listened to Thing 1 singing all her favourite songs from the show on the train home.  We then spent a little too long discussing the possibility (don’t nick this Lloyd Weber – I had the idea first!) of  a brand new musical based on….
                                                           …. Tyersal.

Picture the big ensemble cast.  Trackies tucked in socks.  PJ’s on in the papershop, quads bikes on stage in unison with the rag & bone carts.  It’s in the early stages ideaswise but I think this one could be a goer.  We could premier it “up at’club”

There’s been loose talk of an end of year production at work.  This, my friend, has a Tony Award all over it!


Springtime for ronkers in Tyersal


PS.   Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful after my last gloomy post.  Good to know that I’m not on my own dealing with the black dog.

PPS. Just to clarify.  It’s not a real dog.  The dog is not Bman and NO! we are not getting a dog.


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