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I still think RenesmeeGaGa was a cool name though.

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Today is my niece’s birthday.  One whole year old today!   Crazy!

Happy 1st Birthday little Florence.   I thought it was great when you called me ‘Tit’ but it’s even better that you called Bman ‘Boob’.

Aunt Tit & Unka Boob.  I love it!

Renesmee Florence GaGa

From this…

... to this

… to this

We went to The Moss at the weekend to celebrate with an early birthday tea and have a family meeting, to share all our travel arrangements for our big jolly to France in the summer (i.e. so far… no travel sorted at all this end!)  So it wasn’t a very long meeting.


I, of course, managed to upset my Mum within 10 minutes of arriving.  Ironically because she thought I was getting at her.  (Note to self: learn to zip it!)
Ironic because it’s me who, without fail, returns home from The Moss every time, feeling like a fat charmless loser without talent or prospects.   (Don’t ask me why… who the hell knows what goes on in my candyfloss brain). 
Fortunately, with wine and cake on hand.  All was well in the end.


Monday it was back to The Farm – my feelings on which  I couldn’t possibly comment because it’s only Wednesday.  (It was payday yesterday though so that helped to soften the shock after over 2 weeks off!)



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