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A whole new slant on ‘Animal Hospital’ indeed.

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Oh dear, oh dear.  Poor Rolf.

(Insert own:-  didgeredoo/2-little-boys/kangaroo/can you tell what it is yet? gag here)

Her vagina was this wide! (allegedly)

Her vagina was this wide! (allegedly)

Clearly I am no more appraised of the details on the charges he has been arrested on than any of us.  However, I can’t help feeling that the Operation Yewtree/Savile Inquiry thing has opened the floodgates for every compo-seeking, overdramatic hysteric who grew up anytime between 1969 and the present day to suddenly ‘realise’ that they were in fact ‘assaulted’ in some sexual way by whoever…

Would we set the police on every last non-famous man who has ever pinched our arse in a bar or at party or made inappropriate/unwanted advances toward us?  Or worse, just because some consensual sexual encounter might have been, how shall I say, unsatisfactory or regrettable, and just because we felt a bit ashamed of ourselves after the event?  Should we call in the vice squad?  Unlikely!

Another news story which amused me this evening had to be the anti-Thatcher funeral held in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire, this week.

A coffin emblazoned with the words ‘Rot in hell with Jimmy Savile’ (harsh!) dragged through the streets of what looked like war-torn Beruit, but is in fact barely an hours drive from here.

Goldthorpe is eloquently reviewed on this Website, (Worth a look, as the comments alone are comedy gold.)

I urge you to iplayer tonight’s 6pm episode of Look North to hear the woman in the florist, when questioned about the World-wide news coverage of the spectacle of their entire village blaming the demise of their community entirely on the pit closures of 20 years ago, saying;-

“Well it might end up putting us ont’map and businesses will invest in us again”

I’m just floating it out there that that is far from likely.  Love!

Come to Britain.. it's Great!

Come to Britain.. it’s Great!

My messages for the weekend mainly involve wishing the Very Best of British (which clearly doesn’t involve much of the community of Goldthorpe) Luck to my friends who are taking part in Sunday’s London Marathon.  I, of course will be watching as ever from my bed, with a cup of tea and toasted teacake (dusting my crumbs to Bman’s side of the bed).
May your feet be swift and your bladders not fail you (if you must pee by the roadside then bejesus don’t do it on camera) and may there not be any crazy people in the crowd wishing to maim!

and lastly, Beware the Rhubarb! 

(This one is for Chris who I know has a good sense of humour)*     Get well soon!

It's out to get you!

It’s out to get you!


* Rhubarb crumble straight from the oven onto your lap =  trip to the burns unit!!


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