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Welcome to Planet Fucktard – abandon hope all who enter here

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If I wasn’t pissed enough at living in a World where daily slaughter of the English language (by English people) isn’t enough to turn you grey.
Where it appears to be acceptable for children to be rude and disrespectful to adults (with full backing from their own parents in some cases.)  Where parents bemoan loudly and at length about their darling progeny getting told off too many times at school (for misbehaving or not working no less!)  Where schools are judged on the  test results of young learners who can’t be arsed to listen and then therefore make a pigs-ear of their exams.
Where a dog can eat off a child’s face or even kill it but the owner doesn’t get prosecuted
because it happened on private property FFS!
Where the headlines in the Metro yesterday screamed this at me!
Sex at Ten Which fills me with dread and fear and make me want to paper my childerbeast’s bedroom with pamphlets about Chlamydia.
I then see this on AOL news this evening
firearms for kids and see the quote “It was just one of those accidents” and I consider buying one myself so I can shoot myself in the head and escape the madness!

This is why the aliens fly right past us.  

Why bother to invade to wipe us out, War of the Worlds style.  They don’t have to.  We’re doing a pretty good job of it on our own!

Roll on the extinction and bring on the cockroaches – God knows –  some of them probably have better grammar skills & more common sense than us!

My fave ever Gary Larson cartoon

My fave ever Gary Larson cartoon


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