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A close friend of mine is angling for leaving ‘do’ ideas when she moves to pastures ‘old’ and a new job in the summer.

I’ve applied for quotes from a party bus organiser, as my sister’s Boogie Bus went down such a storm a couple of years ago for her hen night. 

Boogie Bus times 2011

Boogie Bus times 2011

I have to say though, I am a little nervous considering the ‘
Final Destination’ type incidents of late for this kind of activity:

Woman dies falling from party bus

Hen party limo fire kills 5

M62 hen party crash

Also in the news:-

Was Tarby on the list?  I expect so, as it would appear that (as predicted) anyone still living, who was big in Light Entertainment from 1969 onwards, who has had a tickle too far is now facing the third degree from the thin blue line.

Jubilation for  these three ladies  rescued after 10 years from their captivity at the hands of loons & losers who clearly can’t attract a woman on their own merit so have to resort to kidnap.
Such a shame though that the mother of one of the women has since passed on and will never know that her daughter was alive all that time.
How many more cases like this are going to come to light?  Insane thought that something like this could be happening on your street yet nobody realises.

Mentally questioning your neighbours?  I know I am (and I’m sure they will be about me too).  Makes this excellent read all the more poignant today.  Give it a read if you haven’t done so already.

Immerse yourself darling

Immerse yourself darling


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