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Movie Quote of the Day:   “It takes more energy to keep quiet than it does to speak your mind.” – Day of the Dead

Name that Tune:  ” Why do I smile at people I’d much rather kick in the eye?” –  Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,  The Smiths

Nothing casts a black cloud over a perfectly fun day at the Farm better than an ‘Encounter of the Third Kind’ at the office door at 3:05pm (when I was trying to do something out of common courtesy aswell.)

What was I thinking?     I should have remembered where I lived!

Apologies to the exceptions...

Apologies to the exceptions…

Just a note: Do not start a war of words with me.  It will not be pretty and will ultimately end poorly for one of us.  Guess which one?


This encounter has totally pissed me off!


On the plus side – my workmates are all great and it’s Friday and I have wine.



If you haven’t got anything lined up for the weekend yet, might I recommend some televisual diazepam in the form of the Hollyoaks omnibus.  Here you can see yet another vacuous beauty get ‘offed’ at yet another wedding that ends in disaster!
If only for the classic
‘Tom Daly’ line from Mercedes the McQueen of all bitches, it’s worth tuning in.     

Failing that, I urge you to give  the ‘Sex on Wheels’ show from last night a go – now on 4OD .

Top cringeworthy moments included the lines “Why do you want to work in the porn industry?” / “Because I watch a lot of porn & like sex.” and “You can’t say dwarves now can you?  – Midgets then?”

I particularly liked the up for it girl with brittle bones who didn’t care whose bed she ended up in after the nightclub as long as she got a cooked breakfast in the morning.  Top priorities there babe.

Unfulfilling sexual liaison but a cracking brekkie!

Unfulfilling sexual liaison but a cracking brekkie!

Also, I defy you not to flinch when a man with a permanent spinal injury (who doesn’t care that he can’t walk, he just wants his erection back) has a go at restoring it with an appliance he buys from the Internet…. Yikes!
He’s also happy to share with the nation a heavily pixellated photo of his erect cock, in all its glory from before his accident, which he just happens to have kicking around… as you do…

Happy snapping chaps – just in case and all that!



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