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Wednesday whine and without wine (as I have none)

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Our paranoid friends at the Daily Mail have a new enemy threatening the safety of our nation.
It’s not the Reds. It’s not the Italian Paparazzi chasing Lady Di through Parisian streets. It’s not a zombie invasion or  Al Qaeda.  No! It’s the
‘Mum’s Army’ of disproportionately paid (so it would seem) stealer of jobs that is… the Teaching Assistant (which I might add, is not the same as a classroom assistant).

I haven’t spent 3 years of observations, studying, profile writing and collating oversized portfolios just so I can wash out paint pots and empty the sandpit Ta very much!  I’ve got several certificates from bone-fide colleges and an enamel pin badge to prove it God Dammit!
Yes I do cover classes while the Teachers have their planning time but better that for the school than a supply teacher at £30 an hour, who even the ‘good’ kids will test to the limits (because that’s what kids do).

Nobody covers me for my allotted planning time though (supposedly 1½ hours a week).  I do that in my unpaid time at home or on my lunchbreak, just as the teachers do a lot of their marking, assessing, report writing, miscellaneous form-filling and ad-hoc paperwork.  We’re not all down the pub at 5 past 3 and everyday during the holidays you know.

Although if Mr Gove ( yes Mum, the one you like so much) has his way, I could be out of a job.  TA’s face the axe  So get the spare room ready and some Laughing Cow cheese in the fridge – the prodigal and her progeny may be moving back home!

No doubt the white Fiat Uno of Di Death Conspiracy legend was in fact driven by TA’s on the rampage, armed with their £17K a year.

So before I’m out on my ear,  I treated myself to some new shoes (from my much less than £17K p.a salary) because at least if I do get my marching orders I can stride out of the gates 5 inches taller and wish my Qualified Teaching Status friends the best of British luck on their own.







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