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Horsehair, lard or otherwise – make mine a Bombay Saph

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I tuned into this programme last night as I awaited the latest instalment in the long running ‘Big Fat Gypsy…’ franchise on Channel 4:-
Food Unwrapped (mainly because it promised a segment on how gin is made.)

Vitamin G baby!

Vitamin G baby!

As I balked at the opening sequence of chicken carcasses on a production line, I prayed that Jimmy Doherty wasn’t going to ruin one my favourite tipples by revealing that it does in fact contain horsehair, extract of lard and badger droppings.

Fortunately nothing more than what I already knew was lurking within:- juniper berries, various fruits and spices added to a vodka base.   I doubt though that had I ever been partial to the odd donner kebab, that I would ever be partaking again!  Any fast food at all to be honest given that I recently also watched a show called Dirty Britain that showed a couple of likely Mancunians in their choice role of scraping 7 inches of fat from inside a sewage pipe with a shovel somewhere beneath the city centre, as further fresh fat flowed freely between their feet.


My favourite phrase of the Food Unwrapped show had to be when the man explaining how almost 75% of oysters contain the Noro Virus and how this is spread, used the beautiful words:-  “A mist of vomit in the air – it’s on the cat, on the couch, it’s everywhere”

“A mist of vomit.”   I barely kept my Doritos down!

I look forward, almost too excitedly to Thursday night when I can watch this beaut:- Confessions of an alien abductee, made all the more delicious because these are British people, not crazy Americans who live in a trailer park.

How tempted am I to get fucked up on gin and call that Abductee helpline because you know that number is going to get a shitload more calls after Thursday.

After the Alien Abduction


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