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Oddball neighbours, death (& a little bit of Micky Flanagan)

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I am of curious mind today.

Right now I am mostly wondering why my neighbour (ANB) has been alternating between sitting on his front garden wall and leaning up against his car for the last hour? 

Is he locked out of his house?  Has he had a barney with the wife?  Why isn’t he sitting in his car like he usually does (why does he do that?)

I know he sees me watching from the office window. 

I was peeping, yes, I freely admit it (and yes, I was hardcore and maintained the peep!) 

If he has nothing better to do, why doesn’t he shift that skanky mattress that’s been propped up against the front of his house for 6 months?

Also.  I watched the news and saw that sadly, 2 teenagers have chosen to end their lives in Hertfordshire by stepping infront of a train.  The head of their school read out a statement of condolence, there was talk of counselling for the students and of course the obligatory floral tributes.  Even a sign that advised mourners where to leave their flowers.  All very tragic and sad and I do feel for the family and friends. 

My question is this. When did the whole floral tribute thing begin?  It is so very normal now for people to do this but when did it start? 

Two of my friends ended their lives in exactly the same way in 1985, when I was 13, (also in Hertfordshire funnily enough and I have a sinking feeling it was the same dodgy crossing that has claimed at least 4 other lives since!)
I may be remembering this wrong but I don’t recall any statement from the Head,  counselling, or floral tributes.    I remember a girl on the school bus being distraught because her dad was a police officer or fireman or something and had been at the scene and she’d overheard him telling her mum about it.  She knew on the bus, what we didn’t yet, that it was our friend and her boyfriend!

   Maybe people did go and lay flowers at the crossing, but I don’t remember, I just remember it being a harsh lesson and a time of suddenly growing up (a bit).

Please do correct me if I’m the only one who thinks the accident-site floral tribute is a relatively new (like in the last 20 years I mean) thing.

Morbid topic of conversation I know but I blame a certain ‘Mrs Window’ and her R.E. class today which resulted in maximum tissue usage for the weepers and bubblers as we discussed the theme of death!

I may not have left a floral tribute or had counselling or be able to find a single thing about you on the information superhighway but I haven’t forgotten you Melanie…
….or Bevin, or Carl or any of the others – the car crashes, the grandparents,  the in-laws, the terminal illnesses or that boy in Y3, when I was 8 years old,  who just dropped dead in the dinner hall when we were stacking our chairs away!


Hopefully later in the week I’ll have something less dismal to babble about.



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