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It’s been a long time

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This time 11 years ago in 2002 the booze was in full flow in the garden of The Moss and my poor Aunty Gill (rest her soul) had already been sent back to her hotel in a cab after overdoing it on the Chablis.


Supposedly the traditional medium of a gift for an 11th wedding anniversary is ‘steel’.

I got a bottle of gin and card with a picture of some wine on the front and this verse inside:-


When challenged as to whether he thought I’d racked up that much timber since 2002 that I now counted as two people, or he was in fact addressing the card to my buttocks,  it seemed that Bman was typically taken in by the picture and hadn’t bothered to read the inside.

Could’ve been worse.  I once got a card for my birthday with a Get Well Soon sentiment inside.


He’s at work this evening so I shall mostly be spending my anniversary drinking cups of tea and watching shite on the box in my PJs.

Rock & Roll!

Who would’ve thought back then that I’d end up with 2 beautiful daughters!  The eldest of which was 10 years old on Thursday!  Double figures!
Bless her, she just sent me this message from her new toy, (the ipad –  which has earned Mimi & Pappy maximum kudos points)

“I love you 99999999999999999999999999999999999 times to Pluto and back and to morrisons!”

Now that’s the kind of sentiment in a greeting that you just can’t buy in a card.



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  1. Hahaha, nice read and made me laugh.

    “I got a bottle of gin and card with a picture of some wine on the front”. – I’d be more concerned with the image this gives than the message inside 😉

    Don’t worry; I get it all the time too. Just what do all my friends think I am? 😉


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