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Gigness redefined and oh how time has flown

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Went to this weird ‘gig’ on Saturday night. 

Massive Attack Vs Adam (not Ian) Curtis

It was in a disused tram shed in a red light area of Manchester.  My dad parked the car outside and I strongly suggested that he disinfect the bonnet when he got home, as I feared it might be used for nefarious purposes. 

We were handed ear plugs on the way in and had received an email advising against high-heeled or open-toed footwear!  Apparently my “gigging experience was going to be redefined”.  I was ever hopeful, especially when I was informed that the building had been specially reinforced to “take the bass and volume”.

What I did define was that I could have done with a comfy sofa, a cuppa and packet of rich tea while I was assailed by a (somewhat depressing for a Saturday night) conspiracy theory youtube type rant on a dozen 20ft screens, whilst being blasted by old skool 1990’s floor to ceiling bassbins.

It’s been a while… but I could still handle the bass.


I admit to getting slightly distracted by the 40-something MDMA casualties who clearly thought they’d bought tickets to some kind of Hacienda reunion and arrived expecting a big rave-off!

The chick from the Cocteau Twins was fab and I loved the Karma Coma remix (the tommy gun shoot up went on a bit too long though).

If you enjoy spending a hot Saturday night in an old warehouse surrounded by 15ft lettering spelling out such cheerful memes as SUICIDE, PROZAC, YOU WILL ALL DIE ANYWAY and HEROIN then this was the place to be…

Meanwhile… 25 years ago tonight on 8th July 1988 I was having my end of year leaving high school house party.  Thank goodness there was no Facebook or text or Twitter back then!  We had a few gatecrashers (just a few) and suffice to say… it kicked off (despite advanced warning from the Bman who’d spotted the interlopers getting boozed-up in Barney Wines and tipped us off that they were en-route)

Thanks again to Officer Dibble who blamed me for “inviting the wrong kind of people”(ermm hello  they were gatecrashers) and nice job with picking them all up when we gave you all their names and where to find them… oh no hang on they get no comeuppance for attacking my family members with bottles, smashing up my shit and generally being massive arseholes.

Way to go to Cousin Gus and his mates too who arrived 20 minutes after everyone had been sent home by the Old Bill and said “Oooh hasn’t anyone arrived yet? we thought we were late”Although my favourite line from that party was the lovely Dawn Burdock storming though the onslaught of missles yelling; “Right!  Which one of you bastards just laddered my tights?”


Happy days.



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