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Cruises, complexes and castles

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Childerbeast had a few days at Ma B’s last week.  We took them last Tuesday & had a pleasant afternoon in the Homeland taking them for a cruise on  the Coronia.  I say ‘cruise’ but you can put all images of exotic coastal destinations, shuffleboard, onboard pools and dining with the Captain at an all you can eat buffet right out of your head.  This was an hour’s pootle towards Filey with a CD playing The Wurzles & half a coke & a packet of Salt & Vinegar brought to you by a ginger kid in what appeared to be a Scalby School uniform. 

Great stuff.  We loved it although the QE2 – it most certainly was not!

We then had a lukewarm meal at Ask where Bear showed great promise in following in my footsteps by proclaiming loudly to the waiter that her ice cream dessert was the warmest thing she’d eaten that evening.

High Five!

Bman & I then went home to spend a couple of days on our own where we did Fuck All… which was nice.

I got the train back to Boro on Friday to spend a weekend there and bring the childerbeast home.  I spent a couple of hours floating around the town when I arrived, on a mission to find something to buy to wear later that night as I planned to go out.  Appropriate attire for a woman in her early 40s who isn’t dead yet, not completely retarded nor on the game was somewhat hard to come by, so I settled for some new jeans.  Not that it mattered anyway as I didn’t go out in the finish.  I had something of a crisis of confidence verging almost on a panic attack & couldn’t deal with the idea of going out.  By 9pm I was asleep in front of a Garfield DVD with the childerbeast either side of me, cushioning me from the world.   “Hello? Is that the BiPolar Awareness Hotline!” 


We all went into town the next day.  Saturday afternoon in the Boro in high season.  You can’t make that kind of shit up.  Those people are real y’all & I fear many of them hail from this neck of the woods.  Wezzies on tour 2013.

My regret is not stopping to video the 2 elderly buskers playing the electronic keyboard, wearing Rasta hats from the joke shop whilst 3 long legged animal puppets gyrated in front of them to the music.
When I mentioned this to Bman later on the phone he suggested that had I gone out the night before to the ‘do’ I was meant to attend, then I may have seen things along the same vein.  If that was the case, I wish I’d gone now. 🙂

Sadly those buskers had gone by the time I passed that part of town again.  I did manage to get this guy though.

Welcome to Scarborough

Welcome to Scarborough

Dude may be a nutjob but thank Christ he put that possessive apostrophe in there for our pal Satan otherwise I’d have had to have words (and possibly share tips on cornering the market in tinned peaches and bottled water).
I also love the way he is standing directly in front of the tattoo stall.
I watched this guy for quite a while… dude never spoke, never moved, never altered his facial expression.  I only took the picture to try to provoke a reaction. 

Opted to not go out again Saturday night – inferiority complex/body-conscious/mentalness/being a dull fuck – call it what you will.  Tried unsuccessfully to put a FB message on pal’s timeline for her birthday the next day, having deleted FB from my mobile in an attempt to wean myself off the grid.   (I appreciate the irony of blogging about going off the grid.  It’s nosiness and paranoia that I will be forgotten  completely if I don’t at least keep the link to the Superhighway open that keeps me on the grid at all!)
Anyway Ma B’s netbook thingumy is as slow as I don’t know what. 

Could this BE any slower?

Could this BE any slower?

It would have been quicker to walk to Mark Zuckerberg’s house and ask him to do it on his laptop!  I managed it in the end but not without muchas silent cursing and profanity.

Status update failed - Please retry

Status update failed – Please retry

Spent the day in Helmsley yesterday wandering around the castle and looking in quaint little shops – which was a lot more of a fun day than it sounds as it goes.

Back in the Sadford today ready to spend some of the school holidays actually in my own house for a change.  Tomorrow I am going to see ‘The Conjouring’ with some friends.  I hope it’s decent.  Surely can’t be any worse that ‘Paranormal Activity’.  I get sucked in by the hype of all these horror films and always end up disappointed.

I’ll let you know…

PS:  Snaps to ‘Crinski’ & ‘Misty Blue’ for their advice vis-a-vis coping with necessary evil of having to go out in order to socialise… interesting that both of them independently suggested copious amounts of booze.  Xx

2013-08-11 12.23.37


snail mail & Collossus pictures courtesy of Google Images


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