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It’s coz I talk proper n that

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So what’s new?

Not a lot.  I didn’t even get up until 11am today.  Bone idle biatch!  No wonder I need to lose 2 stone.  Tan lines are fading and I’m disappointed in my new foundation – I still look like me with it on – Not good enough Revlon!

Oh, speaking of gaining weight – I am the new voice of a Pregnancy Crisis Helpline because apparently I have a nice ‘telephone voice’.  My suggestion of jazzing it up for the young un’s by singing it:-   “Hey how ya doin?  Sorry you got knocked up…” was rejected though and I had to do it sensibly. 


There is also talk of hitting the nightclubs with promotional stickers for this new crisis hotline and papering the backs of toilet doors with them.  I did suggest that Bman be sent out to do it but then, remembering his proclivity for attaching random stickers onto people, thought the better of it.  Many’s the time I have been at work and found erroneous ‘Only 99p!’ or ‘Fyffes bananas’ stickers on the back of myself!


Let’s have a bit of 50s pin up art to make us all feel better.

Tan is fading

Tan lines

 Gil Elvgren pic from Google Images


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