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A good scare these days is hard to find

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Exibit A

Exhibit A

Did I not say ony yesterday that Bman continually finds it amusing to put stickers on my stuff?  I discovered this on my bag while I sat in the cinema yesterday afternoon!


Yes, I went to the movies, to see something not made by Pixar for a change – not that I am knocking Pixar & the like – I love a bit of animation.  It was good to get to go and see a grown up film for a change though – and great to see some friends.

I scoffed to myself at the disclaimer at the beginning of The conjuring claiming it was all based on a true story (sure it was, just like that stinker, The Blair Witch Project) but it turns out it actually was:

Even after reading everything about the Amityville case and many other supposed possession/haunting stories from America (why is it always America – are they weaker than us Brits or something? Why so many in the 70’s too?  Acid casualties maybe or the demons objecting to the cheesecloth shirts and bellbottoms perhaps?)

Anyway I should have recognised the names of Ed and Lorraine Warren.
$109 for dinner with the lady herself and a tour round her museum of demonic artefacts… I’m in!

I enjoyed the movie and got a couple of decent scares out of it.  It did seem to have rather a lot going on though and raised the usual questions: – Why are you still in the damn house? For god’s sake why haven’t you got a decent torch.  The cellar was clearly blocked off for a reason so brick the fucker back up!  And get those matches away from that 1970’s wincyette nightgown before the whole place goes up like Piper Alpha!
The dog had more sense – it wouldn’t go inside the house.  If that’s not a clue right there then I don’t know what is.  Listen to your pets dudes – they know stuff.

  Clichés aside (imaginary friends, freaky tree outside the house; blocked up cellars; pictures falling off the wall; funky smells, weird old fashioned music box, rotating heads etc). I liked this film and didn’t immediately think What a  crock of shit!” which is what I did later on when tuning in to Film 4 to watch Splice’ – utter bobbins, don’t watch it!

It got me thinking about these possessed artefacts though.  I loved the way, (after a bit of research on the old Google) that the film makers used considerable artistic licence with the Annabel doll.  Though to be fair, despite the real doll (cos it is a real doll) being a little less innocuous looking then the one in the movie – It’s still a tad too freaky for my tastes. 


Movie version

Real one

The doll is the redheaded one

I of course would never entertain having anything weird in my house….

           … oh hang on…  I just looked around my house.

Given the choice of anything in Casa Brew being demonically possessed, other than myself of course, I’ve narrowed it down to these 4 possibilities:-

Marvin the Martian's dog biscuit barrel

Marvin the Martian’s dog biscuit barrel

African dude from my grandparents

African dude from my grandparents

Clown moneybox from my childhood

Clown moneybox from my childhood

Gollum doorstop - gift from a Bric a Brac in Farndale

Gollum doorstop – tasteful gift from the Bric a Brac sale in Farndale

My money’s on the clown – everyone knows clowns are scary.

Big thanks to Baby Dave for the freebies – likely to be the last one so I’m glad I enjoyed the movie



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