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“If you have almost accidentally bedded your own Father & need to talk.  Please call our special incest helpline”

Hollyoaks?  Dudes!  What were you thinking?  I almost threw up in my own mouth a little there.  Just say No No No Stevo!    #firstlook

Swiftly moving on.  Nettle stings on back of calves finally stopped tingling after my encounter yesterday getting forced into a bush by a white van man (and not in a good way!)  Fucktard local redneck yokel not considering that a woman with 2 children walking down a public country route might have right of way over you and your massive van, just barely wide enough for the damn lane.  It wouldn’t have killed you to stop & back up so we could pass in safety.  No! Why not just make us back up into the hedge so I could get scratched to bits and nettled beyond belief protecting my children so you didn’t run over their toes. 

Bumlord wankshaft with shit for brains!

In better news.  Today, I washed my barnet and left it to dry naturally and seem to be sporting some kind of Alison Goldfrap number, which in fairness, could be worse. 

Say Ooh la la la la la

Say Ooh la la la la la

If only I had her voice to match.  Just need the pink playsuit (with built in gastric band of course) and some canine nurses & I’ll be set:




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