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Back to the coal face

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I guess I should write something eh?

Summer hols are now well and truly over and seem like they happened months ago.
    We spent our last weekend off in a secret woodland glade near York, listening to shantys, folk music & pirate themed shenanigans.  We made juggling balls from balloons & rice & crafted dollies from empty pot noodle cartons and twigs.
We pranced about with Wake & Shake & learned some karate. I also learned that rhubarb wine is a friend to no-one the morning after! 



Pass the Ralgex

Pass the Ralgex

Wheelbarrow fun

Wheelbarrow fun

A most pleasant end to the holidays indeed.


A week back at work & I already feel like I have never been away.  I am finding the transition to working with littlies a tad painful but they are so cute that it’s dealable.  Who knows, maybe it will do me some good and improve my patience levels.
I won’t lie though, I was happy to get into Y5 & 6 for an afternoon later in the week and sit on a normal sized chair and have some proper banter.

We have also said goodbye to Harry dog this week – my Mum & Pops’ cocker spaniel who has departed for his final walkies, after being ill for a while (& being about 150 years old in canine years). 

Mondo tears from the childerbeast when I had to break the news.

Happy Harry

Happy Harry

Spent yesterday afternoon lugging all Boobers’ shit into a van (& there’s a lady who collects shit!)  A van alone just for the christmas deckies and party accoutrements I’ll wager!  

Childerbeast also got roped in to helping, which seemed like a good idea until later on when she realised that some over-zealous packing had resulted in her overnight bag, with her clothes & stuff in for a party later that night had also been packed… somewhere in the bowels of the van.  Oopsie!  Soz Miss B.

I spent my evening ironing & seeing who the Beeb had wheeled out for ‘Strictly’ this year.  Our dream line-up was not to be this year with Warwick Davis & Stephen Hawking yet again sadly absent.
I was also eagerly anticipating watching
‘Insidious’ at 9pm.  With Bman away I was fully prepared for a restless night of being afraid to go to the loo & having to sleep with the light on.  But no!  I was disappointed.  Boo!  I hadn’t anticipated the Star Wars – Phantom Menace crossover, as it transpired that the devilish entity I was meant to fear, was in fact Darth Maul.



‘Insidious 2’ is about to come out at the cinema – who is in that then?  JarJar Binks?  R2D2?



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