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I appear to have purchased tickets for a Fac51 Hacienda revival night at Scarborough Spa Complex on my birthday in December!

22 years after I spent my 20th birthday evening at the same venue, blindly stumbling round in shock at how many of my so-called straight-laced ex colleagues from Sixth Form College were chewing off their own bottom lip and festooned in luminous fishing lures.

Rave generator, generates the ecstasy in me (& that).

I was a good girl and the closest I got to euphoria was an orange Calippo, a bottle of Purdeys & a birthday bunk-up when I got home!   Fave memory of that evening would have to be the amusement of male friend sellotaping wraps of speed to his nackers, sat legs akimbo in an armchair and asking my Aunt (who we were staying with) if she could see the lumps down his shorts from across the room and to touch him a bit to see if the sellotape had a giveaway crinkling sound.


Will be interesting to see how many 40 year old casulaties will be in attendance this time.  I may have to smuggle in some Voltorol, a hip flask of sherry & a tartan rug and hopefully there will be no necessity for any legs akimbo sellotape crinkle tests!

wave your legs in the air like you just don't care

wave your legs in the air like you just don’t care

Slightly more alarming than that thought, is that when I google image searched Scarborough Spa Galactica to try and get a picture of the original flyer to use on this blog, I saw 12 of my pictures from a post on here from the day before my 40th birthday, which included photos of my childerbeast.  Just proves what we tell the kids all the time in E-Safety lessons that once something is out there on the Information Superhighway, it is very difficult to get it back.



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