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We have pulled our fingers out and started looking at houses, with a view to moving away from the ghetto.  Not that far away that a job change is necessary but a (slightly) more salubrious postal code and a bit more space would be cracking. 

Estate Agent been round today to value our place – hope rubbish carpet and underlying smell of cats did not affect the value too much
(Note to self: this kind of talk is the reason you are not in Sales).

I’d love to live in this place, only about 10 minutes walk from where we are now but  a world away from the twockers and gorms but it is sadly way beyond our price range.


Wild about Wild Grove

The locale alone is enough for me (rural but within walking distance of supermarket, work and schools) but when I scrolled through the slide show of photos of the inside, the very fact that the current owners have what appears to be a stuffed hare next to the TV just sold me on it even more.

I’m in!


Now I only need to find the extra £200K on top of our maximum.  I’ll start with down the back of the couch… usually good for a quid coin or some silver at the very least.

Hartley?  is that you? #Pipkins

Hartley? is that you?


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