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Truly scrumptious??

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Bman has questioned the legal standing of my including a photo of someone else house on my last post.  I think, considering how complimentary I was on the house and how much I wanted it (but can’t have it… like so many other things in life… *sigh*) then I am covered.  Besides.  As per another recent post – once those pics are out there on the information superhighway, you are pretty much fair game truth be told.

I also want to live at this one in a village near my folks… but that’s even less likely to happen that the other one.



Bought The Bear a couple of new posters for her bedroom wall.  My reasons were twofold:  (1) She is outgrowing the ragged Moshi Monster ones and  (2) to cover up where she has written demonic threats on the wall in biro in a fit of pique, which Bman doesn’t know about (but will do once he reads this).  Hey honey how you doing? Mwah Xxx

This tasty looking poster is now adorning the wall above her bed.

2013-09-14 11.09.31

A feast for the senses indeed and enough to lubricate the taste buds of anyone with a sweet tooth.

But hold the phone…
On closer inspection, in the bottom left hand corner, snuggled betwixt the Toffee Crisp and the Jelly Belly beans…
      What in the name of Joseph Rowntree (formerly of 28 Pavement, York – information now burned into my brain after going round York Chocolate Story 4 times on our last school trip) 
… is this??

You what now?

You what now?

I think I barfed a little in my mouth (and any comments about the “treat you can eat between meals without losing your appetite” will be immediately deleted.)

Glad that’s on my kid’s wall then.  Brilliant!


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