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I think this blog post may well end up being some a half-assed apology note to my parents.

Holy shit!  How did they stay sane throughout my childhood years?  Particularly when my siblings came along.  In retrospect, I imagine it is only because my siblings came along that they did stay sane.  If I had been the only child then I think I may well have befallen some kind of bizarre childhood tragic demise at the hands of an expertly aimed etch-a-sketch to the temple or poisoned Crispy Pancake or similar.  Way to go my sis and bro for being there as a sublime alternative to the ridiculous.

I was an irritatingly miserable & maudlin child and didn’t improve with the onset of puberty.  Prone to excessive mood swings & bubbled at the slightest thing; with a natural talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person ( nothing changed there then).

I’m not sure that this parenting gig is for me.  My childerbeastly apples do not seem to have fallen far from the old gnarled tree!  Is it possible to stop this ride, I want to get off please!  The motherhood merry-go-round is making me feel ill. 

Perhaps if I didn’t work with children all day aswell I might cope better.  I can’t be sure.

I try and help with their homework (because I know what their teachers are looking for).  I get yelled at, beefed at, sulked at and end up getting cross with them.   I try and deal with whatever school day traumas have confined them to their beds the minute they get home.  I get ignored, beefed upon, sulked at, yelled at and then they walk off – which makes me get cross at them.  Arghhh!

Both are great at their work.  I have one who is popular and has lots of mates and the other one who does nothing but get upset that she has no special friends but makes no effort to compromise with game playing and is very bossy… so has no real friends and it breaks my heart that I can’t do anything about it.  She’s brought it on herself really but she is only 8 years old!  What can I do or say to make it better?  The older one is no help, as she has spent her entire time at school making a point of either ignoring her young sibling or actively telling her to go away (meanwhile, allowing her mates’ young siblings to hang around with them).

Think I’m just farting into the wind to be honest, which about sums everything up at the moment… and it’s only Tuesday!

So, sorry Mum & Dad for being an annoying asshole of a child/adolescent (and for not actually doing much in the way of making you proud since).  But hey! at least I don’t still live at home, so it’s not all bad.  🙂


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  1. Alison anson

    You put yourself down sweetheart, you were an adorable child and you are still a beautiful person. Be proud of who you are and proud of your wonderful children, just as we are proud of you and your achievements.

    • Aww cheers Maman. Xxx
      I am proud every day of them. I just hate it when they’re unhappy (which they were when I wrote that post).

      Looking forward to those teenage years with eager anticipation…oh no hang on, I meant terrified trepidation.


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