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Just had a mahoosive coughing fit and thought I was going to pop an eyeball.

It’s Saturday.  I’ve had an eye test, ordered some new specatecs; bought myself a jumper with a picture of a raccoon’s head on the front and managed to play a whole piece of music just by reading the notes like a real musician and everything.  Ooh the thrills I have!
     OK so it was ‘Dear Liza’ and I played it on descant recorder,  but considering I haven’t played one since I was 7 or read music since a short-lived session of piano lessons when I was 8, I don’t think I did too badly. 

I have no idea what the specs look like that I ordered.  I was in such a hurry to get some ordered and just get the hell outta th’Asda on a Saturday afternoon that god knows what I chose.  I guess I’ll find out in a week when I go to collect them.


As for the music – I have managed to sign up to teaching the recorder to a class of 10 & 11 year olds.  I feel ear-plugs may be in order as I doubt it’s going to start well.  Hopefully the end result won’t be completely unfortunate and you never know.  My basic music lesson might stir one of them and release latent musical ability and they’ll go on to become the next Andrew Lloyd Weber…  probably not… but you never know.

I won’t be at work on Tuesday due to the Teachers’ strike, the reasons for which I wholeheartedly agree with.  The 2 classes my childerbeast are in will be closed.  I have no alternative childcare provision, so will have to stay off to mind them.  I will lose a day’s pay (just like many other parents who will be affected by it)  which sucks but, in fairness, on a T.A’s pay (HLTA or otherwise) I think we can afford to take one for team.  Solidarity and all that malarkey.

I urge you for entertainment value if nothing else, to read some of the comments attached to this link:

I became cross then amused, then cross, then amused again in equal measure.  Always the ‘long holidays’ trump card or ‘you only work til 3pm’.  Like our friend Mr Gove, I challenge these people to try doing this job for a term (not a day… a term) and not change their minds.
Deal with the planning, the interventions, the fall-outs, the emotional dramas, the parents god dammit, the parents alone can by a feckin’ nightmare at times!
I know my job doesn’t pay particularly well, but I enjoy it & I’m good at it, but I am fed up of it being undermined as a non-professional job. Particularly when that fucktard Gove wants to get rid of us as we are
‘according to reports’ (where?  when? by whom?) the reason that children continually fail.  I shall say it again.  A Teaching Assistant is different from a Classroom Assistant.  I don’t sharpen pencils all flippin’ day and wash out powder paint pots.  I have specialist qualifications!  Children I work with do improve, children my T.A friends work with do improve, but, lost among a class of 32 when every other child is on track and needs pushing further, that child will go downhill if they take away the one-to-one help.
(Although if the parents of some of these less able children actually paid them any attention at home, or weren’t such dullards themselves, then we maybe we wouldn’t be needed as much to do one-to-one interventions!)

So although I draw the line at standing around a burning oil drum outside the gates and waving placards.  I shall still stage a semi-protest against the continual feckin’ around with education and the threat to get rid of Teaching Assistants – just from the sanctuary of my bed – whilst every now and then tweetingUp the Workers” and “Down with Gove!”

I might even teach myself the theme tune to Citizen Smith on the old descant.


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