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Ppfft! (which is totally a real word)

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I do hope this flat feeling fades fast (nice f’ing alliteration there!)

I wandered out into the back garden yesterday evening,  being such a mild evening, to partake in the small pleasure of inspecting my plants (as I am wont to do when I am feeling pensive).
I have been nurturing an apple sapling for almost 4 years – grown from a pip in class by a child when they were in Year 3, who has just this year started High School.  Imagine my shock then when I saw that it had been snipped down to a 10cm stump!


A genuine gardening error by the Bman who, despite all his good qualities and unfaltering housework tasks and skill in the kitchen, is no Alan Titchmarsh when it comes to floral knowledge.  I still shiver at the loss of the fully established Chamomile bush that was in the front garden when we moved in, which was dug up as a ‘weed’ by mistake!
Bless him, he doesn’t recall chopping the sapling down and did ask if wasn’t the work of the slugs and snails.  Unless they’re large enough to wield a pair of secateurs, I doubt it was anything to do with them.*

Can’t help feeling that this is some kind of analogy at the moment. 

I am the sapling, chopped down to a leafless stump.  Not yet a write-off but nonetheless smaller & weaker.

Still, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been mistaken about the regard in which I was held.

*it turns out there aren’t any images on google of slugs brandishing secateurs or axes… believe me… I looked!  Instead, here is one of my favourite 1950’s pin-up art pictures that reminds me of another time & another era, when I wasn’t the sawn off sap I am today.

By Alberto Vargas

I know you know who you are…
Alberto Vargas


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