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Prize for crappest harvest donation goes to…. oh shit, it’s me!

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Annual Harvest time troll round the ghetto, delivering out of date cans of beans and veg on the turn to the decrepit and deceased of the neighbourhood.

No dead ‘uns this year on my route and it didn’t rain.  Hurrah!

Did, however spot a box of Redbush tea that Bman tried to palm off on us for a donation – already opened and half-used.  Somebody down the road is now the proud owner of that quality item! 
       I had said I would take them to work and just stick them in the tea & coffee cupboard.  I hadn’t realised he’d stuck them in the donation bag.  FFS!


And despite not being able to post nipple pics up on Facebook (why would you?) It is now okay to post actual footage of beheadings as long as people re-posting them are condemning them”.


FOIS leader, Stephen Balkam, said: “I would have expected a heads-up on this.

“I’m very unhappy that these have gone back up and that they have gone up without any warning. First thing tomorrow morning I intend to raise this with Facebook.”


Unfortunate turn of phrase there Mr Balkam, given the subject matter of the video in question.


Still feel woolly headed – like aftermath of all-weekender of class A proportions (like the ones my husband claims I never had).  He forgets I did once have an existence before him.  🙂
  Once upon a time kids, long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, Mummy used to have a very busy social life…




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