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Had somewhat heart-stopping news this morning at work that I had to go and work in Nursery class for a session.


Would not have worn Per Una wrap dress and Mary Jane heels had I known in advance.  Felt like mad mix of Alison Hayes (before she died in her own home and was eaten by cats), Gulliver and Richard Dreyfuss.  I feared I would never get back up again once I sat on the carpet with them.  If the osteoporosis didn’t get me first then I was sure they might attempt to pin me down with their snack-time banana skins .

If I thought my first couple of weeks in Year 2 took some getting used to, I was even less prepared for an onslaught of zombie invasion style tiny people who kept trying to stroke my tights and rub their faces  against my sleeves while I tried to read ‘Room on the Broom’.

“Please sit back on the carpet & stop licking me”

In fairness I think they were even less prepared to see a grown woman they’d never met before doing Wake & Shake in a Per Una wrap dress and Mary Jane heels!  (NOT my idea!)  There’s a fair chance that some of the smaller ones closer to the front, may have seen my undies!

‘Don’t stop me now’?  Actually yes, Please do stop.  Stop immediately!

Lie down in a darkened room all round then there I think!




back off small dudes!

back off small dudes!




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