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Saturday night: Grumbling into cyberspace.

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Movie quote of the day:   “Sometimes grown ups just don’t know what they’re talking about”. – Frankenweenie



Concerning the ongoing  work saga about Strike Day:-
        Apparently, HR have now changed their tune and said that the day off could only have been ‘authorised’ if I had felt so intimidated about crossing a picket line that I felt unable to go to work!  Absolutely nothing like what was actually advised to my union rep when he spoke to them. 
So our warning notification still stands and will sit on our work record now forever.  Judged by an incomplete Governing Body with a ‘Chair’ and several members that none of us could pick out of a police line up!  Penalised because the school has a high staff absence rate.  Not as absent as the damn governers though eh?

Frig, feck, shite, arse, buggeration and bullshit!

So, fellow colleagues, should any further strike action be called, could you please be dears and  stand at the gates brandishing a placard and sound menacing and be a smidge intimidating if you would be so kind.  Thank you.


Brilliant isn’t it,  that working for a local authority that is currently advertising this on their website…


Child friendly Leeds awards 

January 2014 will see the first annual child friendly Leeds awards – we need your nominations! 

In January 2014, we’ll be celebrating what’s best about Leeds for children and young people.  The first child friendly Leeds awards will take place at the City Varieties on 30 January and will celebrate the people, places and organisations that make a big difference to children’s lives in Leeds. There will be awards in four categories:>>

…but support staff with dependent children are to be punished for not being able to go into work because it’s partially closed & they have no alternative childcare.  No fault of mine, no fault of either of the other two women involved. 
      HR have very kindly said though, that they have sourced some local childcare providers for us in case this should happen next time there’s a strike.   How lovely of them.  Have they given any consideration to the fact that these providers may well be fully booked or need a months notice or could in fact be anyone?   Are HR paying the childcare fees?  NO are they hell-as-like.  Is the money to pay for this childcare coming out of work petty cash.  NO, is it buggery!

Child-Friendly Leeds?  What a joke!  Only if you don’t actually work for the Leeds council and have your own children.  You would think that working in a sector meant to nurture, care for and cater for the needs of children that they’d be a little more on the ball when it comes to the childcare requirements of their staff.  As it is we’ve been punished for the lackadaisical attitude of other people’s work ethics.  The sicknote brigade.

If they want stats they can have some from me:-

4am!  That’s what time I was up on my first Residential.  Checking outside because a child thought someone was outside her room…. on the 3rd floor!

12:30 am!  Average time we went to bed every night at the last 2 Residentials after patrolling the corridors making sure the kids were safe, in the correct rooms and asleep. 

6am!  The time we got up the next day to make sure the kids were supervised when they all started waking up and wandering about!

412!  How many more fecking lines round my eyes after just one of those Residential trips!

£0!  How much overtime we were paid for our troubles and for having to leave my own children at home with Grandma and not see them for a week!

All I can say is that I’m glad I am not in that year group this year because I wouldn’t be going on another Residential.  They can find some other mug to do it.  You don’t get any thanks from the sodding parents either (probably because they all mistakenly think you get paid a wedge to do it!)



Grrrr.  Why is everything so crap? 

Another case in point.  I got my Asda delivery this evening – a couple of clothing bits I ordered for the kids for Christmas. 


The  ticks and cross are mine

What I was expecting...

What I was expecting…

What was in the bag, despite what the delivery note said!

What was in the bag, despite what the delivery note said!

I pity the woman who was expecting this and is now on Leeds night out or at a dinner function somewhere dressed as a flaming giraffe!

F   F   S and  BE Feckin J E B U S !

I should have known better than to trust Asda after the ‘iron-gate’ episode earlier this year or when I ordered from Tesco last month and they didn’t bring any of my frozen goods, despite them being on the list.  Instead I just got a carrier bag full of fecking ice cubes!

You just can’t get the service anymore.

No wonder the weather is going mental.  Somebody somewhere is just trying to sweep us all under the cosmic carpet.  



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