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I am pink, therefore I’m spam*

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Movie quote of the day:  “Who do I have to f**k to get off this boat?” – Alien 4

 After the demented spongebrained farce that was Sunday (had a stupid dumb blonde spacker incident that had me questioning everything I have ever said and done, and indeed, my own existence).  Am I really here?  God I hope not!  I must surely be the mental construct of a madman.   Anyway, I was more than ready for the arms of Morpheus (after Downton of course) on Sunday night.  Waking at 4am with migraine of epic proportions put a stop to that though.  Spent Monday ripped to the tits on Migraleve whilst trying to focus on a course entitled Outstanding Teaching & Engaging Learners.

I was neither outstanding nor engaged.

Happy to get to bed early last night too, once again tanked up on painkillers.  A good nights sleep was all I needed.

But no!

Apparently the local dibble thought they were filming some kind of remake of ‘Airwolf’ during the wee small hours. 


Ghetto bird hovering for what seemed like EVER above the house and surrounding area.  It went.  It came back. It went. It came back.
Turn the high beams on Chief Wiggam and just catch whoever it is you are looking for and fuck off. Some of us are trying to sleep here while you play at Boyz in the Hood! 


..and breathe

* stolen from a greetings card I once received


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