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When bushes bite back

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When insomnia takes a grip and your mind is full of shit you can neither do anything about at 2am, or is even worth thinking about at any time of the day for that matter. (eg, Last night I spent 40 minutes laid there trying to remember the name of the woman who plays Stacey in ‘Gavin & Stacey’*)

When life just seems to be getting a tad too much to deal with; work keeps throwing you a curved ball and the annual worry of how to pay for Christmas kicks in.  It’s always nice that life also has a funny way of just giving you a little lift to take the edge off.

In my case, it was watching, with great amusement (and sadistic satisfaction) as some local fucktards were trying to hedge-hop** their way down the street. 
     One of them leapt from my neighbour’s garden wall, in an attempt to vault her privet in a single bound,  and faceplanted himself right in the midst of it!  The privet reacted by bouncing him right back out again with such force that he ended up prone and crumpled on the drive as his mates ran off laughing.

I laughed loud and hard  from my balcony seat at the bedroom window as he limped away to catch them up.

Bushy gonna get ya!

Don’t mess with my bush man!

 courtesy of google images

*It’s Joanna Paige.  I know that now.  This morning at 3:30am though it was driving me insane but I was too tired to get up and Google it to put myself out of my torment.

** Don’t deny that you haven’t tried this at some point (probably whilst drunk). 
I still recall, with great fondness, the great water fight/hedge-hop games of 1993 after a drunken BBQ at my friend’s in Tarvin.  My knee still sometimes twinges when a storm is brewing after I nearly broke my leg doing a Tom Daley through her mum’s Leylandii onto the village green.



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